Pre Shipment Inspection is a systematic inspection of units selected at random from all batches of your order, conducted when your production is at least 80% complete. This is your final opportunity to take corrective action before your production is finished and packed, making it an effective tool to safeguard your product against costly import risks.

When 80% of your order is complete, an AIMS LTD inspector will visit the factory and use industry standard processes to comprehensively review and test your product, ensuring it meets agreed upon specifications.

Key elements of AIMS LTD Pre-Shipment Inspection:

    • Takes place when 80-100% of the production is complete, packed and ready to ship.

    • Goods inspected based on industry standard AQL.

    • On-site testing of material, performance and function.

    • Ensures, prior to shipment, that goods meet quality expectations.

    • A random sample of the shipment is drawn from the factory’s warehouse based on AQL standards for product and packaging inspection in order to check product safety, quantity, workmanship, function, color, size, and other variables.

Pre-Shipment Inspection lets you rest assured that the goods you’re receiving are of excellent quality and that you will not need to re-inspect or deal with quality issues once they reach their destination. Don’t take any risks with your order and Ensure the product you pay for meets your specifications before you settle final payment.

All inspections are preformed by AIMS LTD a qualified QC staff and are followed by detailed report, including photos, which will enable you to control your production in China and take any necessary corrective or preventive actions from wherever you are.