Logistics help in China

Trade Consultation in China

Aims Corporate is one of leading consultation firms for tradingwithChina. We have been working for hundreds of importers and traders and provide them trade consultation in China. The reason why these traders and importers hire us for this job is that they lack the understanding of the Chinese business culture, the language and it becomes very difficult for them to performmarket research in Chinain order to procure best quality products at most economical rates. We, on behalf of them, do the Chinese market research, which we call sourcing, procure best quality of products, negotiate for them and ensure the quality & durability of their products.

We have a wide network of vendors and agents in China and with our Mandarin Speaking Staff; we explore the market to the deepest level, while aiming tohelp our clients to reach the desired goal. Apart from trade consultation, we also provide logistics help in China. We ensure the safe delivery of goods, proper packing and loading of the goods. By hiring us, our clientssave valuable time to developtheirlocal or international market and focus on the core of their business while we do all the negotiations and procurement on behalf of them. In many cases, clients don’t find the need when using our services. After we source suitable products or vendors,we send them samples for approval, then order is placed and trade procedure continues.

Trading with China is not easy due to many barriers and difficulties but our aim is to make it easier for our clients to purchase, produce and manufacture their products and to make the whole process safer and cheaper.

    • Years of experience in trading industry withChina

    • Professional and experienced Mandarin speaking staff,

    • Wide network of vendorsand agents.

    • We will serve as you reliableand trustworthypartners in China

If you are looking to trade with Chinayou’re more than welcometo get in touch with us.