About us

AIMS – Asia Merchant Services CO. LTD (AIMS LTD) was founded in order to serve a clear vision – providing high quality, professional, trustworthy and reliable merchant services to those who engage in business or operational activities in Asia. We understand the difficulties of developing and integrating a business in Asia, far away from what you know and what you are used to and we are here to help.

We provide a wide range of merchant services including sourcing, auditing, purchasing, quality control, logistics, shipping etc.
We will aim to fulfill your business targets while maintaining our core values, which are all shared by all company members, foreigners and Chinese.

AIMS LTD provides professional trade services to worldwide companies importing from China.

AIMS LTD works in full transparency and serving as your representative in China.

AIMS LTD uses an existing and growing database of Chinese manufacturers and suppliers in order to provide high quality sourcing, inspection and quality control services.

AIMS LTD has the tools and the experience to serve costumers from various countries in developing and managing direct commerce with China.

Ultimately, AIMS LTD aims to become an integral part of our clients supply chain, while offering solutions to quality and overseas manufacturing issues through quality control services.