Product development

Product Purchase and Product Development in China

China is one of the most sought after destination for product purchase and product development, especially for Asian Countries. We, at Aims Cooperate, offer sourcing and QC services for those who are looking to source products or product development in China to get products at very competitive prices as compared to their indigenous markets. We provide professional, reliable and quality trading services to our clients who are operational in Asian Countries. We offer assistance for their different requirements related to product development, quality control and product purchase services.

With over five years of experience in this industry, we assist those merchants who are coming to China for trading of products or developing a product line from China and provide them with reliable and cost effective services. We have a wide experience of this industry as we have been serving this industry for a long time. Using our large network of product manufacturers, suppliers & dealers, we facilitate our clients with tailor made merchant services. We help them to source products at most economical prices keeping in view the quality of the product.

We have served hundreds of importers and retailers who are involved in selling products from China in their indigenous market. We source the products for them and ensure the quality of products delivered to them with their minimum involvement which saves their time and helps them focus on their core business. We also provide complete market research for them in China for a particular product / product line and provide them with the best quality or products. We do all the quality check and negotiations of behalf of them to source the best quality of products while allowing our clients the chance to concentrate on other aspects of their business. 

Our services involved

  1. Product development in China

We assist our clients who are involved in manufacturing certain products and looking for cheaper manufacturing cost buy getting that product developed in China. If you have a new product, patent or product line, then you can use our services to find suitable vendors or manufacturers who can develop the same for you in China, with better technology and lower cost. We can bring a product from a paper or prototype to an actual production line at most economical cost.

  1. Product Purchasing services

If you require products from China and you are not able to do the market research, then we do that research for you and provide you with best deals. Our Chinese Staff does the sourcing for you and you don’t have to invest time in visiting China or follow up with Chinese manufacturers. We are here to provide you with the best quality of products at very competitive prices.

  1. Accompanying customer in China

If you are coming to China for product purchase or development, we are here to assist / accompany you with our English & Mandarin Speaking Staff to help you to communicate with Chinese Suppliers / Manufacturers / Traders. A proper communication and understanding between both the parties, helps to get a good deal and our staff provide complete assistance while pricing and negotiations to crack the best deal for you.

Aims Corporate assists you to explore Chinese Market, so if you are looking for any such assistance, get in touch with us immediately.