During Production check will identify any issues early in the manufacturing process. When between 20-60% of production is complete, take a deep dive into your production, processes, capacity, and goods and then make critical decisions at an early stage, and prevent potentially catastrophic surprises later in the production process.

Key elements of AIMS LTD During Production Inspection:

    • Takes place when 20-60% of the production has been completed, giving you an up-close look at the manufacturing process, material use, finishing levels and workflow.

    • Benefits include the ability to identify production issues during process, providing detailed reports on the production status and status of raw materials, analyzing what materials are being used and verifying production schedules.

All inspections are preformed by AIMS LTD a qualified QC staff and are followed by detailed report, including photos, which will enable you to control your production in China and take any necessary corrective or preventive actions from wherever you are.