The most effective way of preventing last minute quality related delays is by inspecting and monitoring the product early in the manufacturing process. Pre Production Check is an on-site Product Inspection performed before your production begins or the latest when 15% has been completed. Pre Production is the first step in ensuring the quality of your product will be consistent throughout production. In addition, Pre Production serves as an early-warning system that safeguards your product against costly import risks and buying safe from China.

Key elements of AIMS LTD Quality Control Services & Pre Production Inspection:

    • Inspection of raw materials, components and any packaging materials status, including making sure they are exactly what you ordered.

    • Verify required manufacturing processes and equipment available for production of your goods in the volume and timeframe you required.

    • Make sure that necessary corrective actions are well understood by the factory and will be implemented.

All Quality Control Services and inspections are preformed by AIMS LTD a qualified QC staff and are followed by detailed report, including photos, which will enable you to control your production in China and take any necessary corrective or preventive actions from wherever you are.