Defect Removal

Defect Removal Inspection enables you to 100% guarantee that every piece in your shipment is of the highest quality.


Key elements of AIMS LTD Defect Removal Inspection:


    • AIMS LTD staff will sort through your order at the factory before shipment and remove any defective or sub-standard products.

    • Ensure that defective branded merchandise does not find its way onto store shelves or into illegitimate markets – causing brand erosion and reducing consumer confidence in your products. In some circumstances it’s absolutely essential that defective items don’t end up slipping out the factory’s “back door”.

    • AIMS LTD serves as direct representatives of your company and will make sure to on site hand sort the good from the bad, according to any specific instructions you may have. We’ll verify that only the finest products are shipped to you and your clients.

    • Defect Removal Inspection report will include images of defects found and removed, as well as counting of both total order quantity and defective units found.


All inspections are preformed by AIMS LTD a qualified QC staff and are followed by detailed report, including photos, which will enable you to control your production inChinaand take any necessary corrective or preventive actions from wherever you are.