Product sourcing in China

Serving many brands, importers and retailers we know how important it is to find the right supplier that will meet your unique requirements. However, visits toChinain order to manage your purchase is time consuming and expensive, not to mention searching for new suppliers and manufacturers without reliable local knowledge can often be frustrating and fruitless.

We recognize that the main issues that every business encounters during Product sourcing in China are quality, price and trust. With mandarin speaking Western and Chinese staff in China while cooperating only with trusted manufacturers and suppliers, based on our vast network and experience, we have the ability to provide a comfortable and reliable business environment for Product sourcing in China. Such environment enables us to focus on offering the best product within your price range.

AIMS LTD works on your behalf, negotiating, collecting samples, reviewing product quality and providing expert guidance on how to proceed with an optimal sourcing activity.

If your aims are to –

    • Source for the right product at the highest quality available at your price range.

    • Purchase directly from reliable factories, with the right certification, that can provide stable and experienced management who puts emphasis on keeping a high standard and quality on production.

    • Reduce your sourcing risk.

    • Find a reliable partner/representative in China who will serve your interests.

Then let us do what we do best – work towards accomplishing your aims!