Factory Audit in China

We highly recommend that before your company decides to engage in any business with a Chinese supplier, that you minimize your risk by using the services of a reliable third party in order to receive a detailed factory audit. Factory audit can uncover problems before you decide to start production or release an order confirmation.

The core purpose of a Factory Audit is to help your company in a cost-effective and time-efficient way to compile a complete profile of your supplier, so that you can decide if they’re reliable – before you start doing business with them.


AIMS LTD qualified auditors will conduct an audit that will assess everything from production capacities and quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions. We go to factories to serve as your eyes and ears in order to get the information you need to ensure high-quality suppliers who can provide the production capacity and quality to meet your production needs.

AIMS LTD Factory Audit is conducted according to the internationally recognized ISO 9000 Standards for Quality Management Systems and will usually provide information about the following aspects:

    • Factory Profile – Ownership, registration and actual activity.

    • Facilities & Machinery & production capacity – Should be suitable to the client’s needs.

    • Raw material supply chain – Locations and quality of vendors.

    • Quality assurance system & related certificates – Product standards awareness.

    • Schedule – Assessment of supplier’s capability to supply the product on time.

    • Special Requirements – According to client’s request.