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China is the largest market across the globe for majority of products and thus it has been the favorite place of many importers and retailers. Traders across the globe do purchasing in China and sell the products in their native markets. But it may not be easy for everyone to buy products from China at best rates because of the business culture differences, communication barrier and long distance control issues; here comes the role of foreign agent in China.

Aims Corporate Ltd is a renowned agency with its own buying office in China which helps different traders and importers purchase quality products at the most competitive rates. With vast experience of dealing with the Chinese market and manufacturers, we have a great network in China and we also help our clients in the process of Manufacturer & factory finding in China and cost reduction while trying to use labor cost advantages compared to other markets. China can produce best quality products at competitive rates which has made China the biggest trade market for Millions of products.

If you are looking for help regarding money transferring in China but not sure how to go ahead, we are here to help you. We have our staff in China, which are Mandarin Speaking professionals and they will perform a market research and sourcing procedure so you will receive the best rates and quotes. They have expertise in market research and negotiations which enables us to get the job done very efficiently.

What do we do?

        • Market Research/sourcing to provide the best rates and cost deduction.

        • Producing and collecting samples.

        • Review the products quality.

        • Negotiations for bulk purchasing.

The major task while trading with China is to ensure the quality as per the price quote and reliability of the Chinese suppliers. Being experienced in this field, we have developed our expertise in market research, which enables us to receive a suitable product range for our clients. With us, you don’t have to worry at all about the quality and trusting a supplier located thousands of kilometers away, we assure you will be provided with the best product at cost effective prices. We also provide assistance in shipping your products and logistics if needed with proper packing that will ensure the safety of the goods delivered.

So, if you are looking for any sort of help in product purchasing or product development in China, get in touch with us.

Other Services offered by us:

        • Procurement in China

        • New Product Development in China (mold development – plastic, steel etc.)

        • Trade Consultation in China